Monday, April 23, 2012

C25K: Week 1 Day 1

Here we go again!  It's time to start training.  Actually, I'm not quite sure if it's time as in if I don't start now I won't be ready to run the St. Jude Half in December, but I feel like it's time.  If that makes any sense.  The weather has been beautiful and that's part of what's made me want to get out and get running. I know it's going to be a hot summer now so maybe if I can get the early training out of the way while it's still nice I should be so far into the program by the time the sweltering heat and humidity kicks in that my drive should keep me going to race day.

So today I dusted off my running shoes, got out the SPI belt, and found the iPod that has my Couch to 5K podcasts downloaded on it.  And man was it tough!  I haven't run in almost a year.  The last race I did was the Zoom through the Zoo in May 2011!  I was completely delusional as to how out of shape I am when it comes to running.  The first week of the program is 8-60 second runs with 90 second walk recoveries.  So I figured I go all out and sprint those 60 seconds because after all, it's just a minute.  BWAHAHAHA!  The first run I kept it around 6 min/mile pace.  Then it was 6:30.  Then it was a 7.  Then it was an 8.  Then it was a 9.  Then for the love of all that was holy I just tried to keep it below a 10 for the last 3 runs.  By the 6th set I had a side stitch and just felt pretty pathetic.

But I have to remember, it's a process.  I haven't run in a year and I'm not really a natural runner.  This is something that I push myself to do because I want to do it.  I want to say that I've run a half marathon.  I want to feel that overwhelming pride of accomplishing a goal that seems insurmountable.  I remember doing the C25K program back in 2010 and it was hard then so it's not going to be any different this time around.  What's great is it's going to be just as worth it!

Day 1 down.  Day 2 Wednesday.

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