Friday, April 27, 2012

C25K: Week 1 Day 3

Well, week one is done!  You know, I'm a little sad about that because week one is obviously the easiest week.  I feel good about how I did this week.  I got out and ran my 3 days without much internal struggle.  I might actually say that I was a little excited to get out there and hit the pavement.  But of course, that's probably because I knew I'd only be running for 60 seconds at a time, 8 times.

It was easier to do it this time then it was last time I did C25K.  So it seems like my overactive imagination is already trying to stress my body out about the ultimate goal of the Disney Princess Half 2013.  By the 6th running interval, a side stitch had set in and my mean imagination started saying cruel things to me about how if I can't run for 6 non consecutive minutes how on earth was I going to run for 3 hours.  Thankfully because the running intervals were so short this week by the time my brain started getting ugly with me the interval was over and I was on my recovery walk.

Eventually my drive started fighting with my negative self image and it was quite the conversation.  I know others who enter a state of running bliss or nirvana.  Instead, I think I enter a state of mental breakdown.  Ha!  I'm not looking forward to longer runs when my drive and negative self image really have time to go at it.  But one thing I heard my drive say today was, "You know, the one thing I like about you is that failure is never an option."  And that's true about me.  When I set my mind to something I'm going to get it done.  It may not be pretty but come hell or high water I am RUNNING the St. Jude Half Marathon this year.  Why?  Because that's what I want to do.  So even though my negative self image is saying rude things to me because I'm having to start back at the most basic of beginners running programs, my drive doesn't care.  My drive is already envisioning me crossing that finish line and having my husband, kids, and a few friends there cheering me in the home stretch.  This long term goal is something that is going to be SO incredibly hard.  And so worth it to.  I just need to make sure I keep cheering for my drive instead of my negative self image when those two start fighting about it.

Now I just need to pick a celebratory 5K that's 8 weeks away to reward myself for finishing this program again.

C25K: 1 week down, 8 to go!

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