Monday, April 30, 2012

C25K: Week 2 Day 1

It was the first day of week 2 today.  I made it to the gym later than I wanted to because Lil' Joe was napping so it was already 83 degrees outside when I hit the pavement.  But it wasn't that bad and I felt a bit a of a breeze for a little while so again it was pleasant weather.  However, I'm starting to wonder if the weather really isn't that bad or if I just have a good attitude because once again, I know I'm only going to have to run for 1:30 at a time.  I remember from training last year in the heat of May that I have a tendency to get a pretty defeatist attitude pretty fast when the heat and humidity are high.

Anyway, I made it through all 6-90 second run intervals without a problem.  I kept my pace around a 9 min/mile.  I did feel some sharp pain in my inner left quad but I'm hoping with a little bit of good stretching and yoga class for the next 2 days that it will clear out before my run Wednesday evening.

In other news my Prince Charming started his C25K adventure this evening.  He got out and ran W1D1 after the kids went to bed.  So I sat outside and cheered him on as he ran past our house a couple of times.  I really love that we can support each other by talking about the runs but not running together so neither has to feel bad about their pace.  For the record right now, I'm pretty sure I'm faster.  =)  But that won't last for long.  I think by week 3 his long legs start to beat my short stubby ones.

See you Wednesday for W2D2!

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