Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Healthy Chicken Enchiladas

I'm not a great cook and can get easily overwhelmed when the ingredient list is longer than my attention span.  So I have a general rule of 5 ingredients (+/- a couple) and 30 minutes or less.  The one has 6 ingredients so it was a winner from the start.  Plus once again, they are perfectly portion controlled already and each pocket is only 155 calories each.  Super win!  

I found these over at The Dashing Dish.  You can go straight to the recipe here.  I love that she gives great directions and a picture at each step so that if you easily get confused like me you can follow along.  

On her instructions she says to use Enchilada sauce and enchilada seasoning but in the side she says you can also sub in salsa.  I would recommend using the salsa instead of the enchilada sauce.  I've done it both ways now and I think the salsa was better.  It made it a little chunkier in a good way.  =)

Another plus is these reheat well!  We just pop them in the toaster oven the next day to warm them up so the crescent rolls don't get soggy.  

I guess my only complaint is that mine don't turn out near as pretty as hers.  I just can't get them all tucked in and wind up having some of the yummy goodness inside leak out.  

Add these great Chicken Enchilada Pockets to your meal calendar sometime soon.  You won't regret it!

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