Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Fit Week #1

Well, I must say there is a certain power that comes with putting your goal down on virtual paper for the whole world to see.  I'm acutely aware that really no one is reading this blog (thanks google stats) and that is ok.  This blog is doing exactly what I wanted; it's giving me a sense of obligation.  I knew when I started this, that each week I would report to any one who read it and myself what I had done this week to work out.  So on Thursday when Lil' Joe wasn't feeling good and we had already had to change his clothes 3 times and done 2 loads of wash and Sassy was in full 2 year old tantrum mode, I really did not want to go work out.  I had missed my yoga class and it was dangerously close to lunch time and then nap time.  But knowing I didn't want to report a miss on here, I quickly got the kids loaded up and headed to the gym to at least ride the stationary bike for a little bit.

So thank you for keeping me accountable!

Here's my report for my fit week.  (1 down, 51 more weeks until the Princess Half 2013!)

Monday: Pilates class
Tuesday: Yoga class
Wednesday: Yoga class (with a strong emphasis on stretching out my IT band.  It hurt so good.)
Thursday: Short but hard stationary bike ride for 25 minutes.  Since I knew it wouldn't be long I upped the effort level.
Friday: Pilates class

The weather was beautiful and I'm itching to get out and start running, but I still haven't been cleared because of my back problems.  I'm thinking of taking another month of resting and going to the chiropractor before I head to a sports medicine doctor to try something else.  Or I was thinking about trying some pool training that my runner friend Travis has talked about.  Has anyone else tried that?  What are some other low/no impact training activities I could add in while I wait to get cleared for real outside running?

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  1. Yes! You should listen to that Travis guy. He's pretty smart. Try the pool running. I think I might have to do more of it myself because my knee is getting really bad. The water resistance is a million times better than the pounding I take on the pavement.