Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Fit Week #2 (50 more to go)

Regular week for me.  Here's what I did:

Monday: 55 minute ride on the stationary bike
Tuesday: Yoga at the Y
Wednesday: YogaLifeWay Yoga class where she made us do crazy breathing exercises that almost made me pass out.  It was pretty awesome.
Thursday: Yoga at the Y
Friday: 55 minute ride on the recumbent stationary bike (Don't judge me, I was trying to finish the last book of the Hunger Games.  I need to focus on that and get my sweat on!)
Saturday: crawling, climbing, swinging, chasing, and playing with my 2 year old at the City Museum in St. Louis.  (It totally counts as a work out since I was sweating and sore the next day.)

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