Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Healthy and Yummy Chicken Pot Pies

Who doesn't love a good comfort food like Chicken Pot Pie?  Yum!  What I love about these is not only are they skinny, but they are already perfectly portion controlled.  They bake up nice and individually in biscuits that you smoosh into one of those big muffin tins.

The recipe comes from Between 3 Sisters and can be found here.  If you follow their directions exactly each pot pie is ONLY 144 calories!  How awesome is that?  And as I was writing this I checked back and they've included a nutritional break down as well as direction now on how to make your own homemade low calorie biscuits to make them even skinnier.  But in my opinion, that takes away the wonderful convenience and how easy these things are.

I pretty much follow their instructions.  The only thing I change is instead of dried parsley and onion powder I add Weber Kickin' Chicken.  That stuff is delicious!

Give these Chicken Pot Pies a chance.  I promise you'll love them!

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