Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Knee Check Up 1

Well, after my knees hurting still on Friday I decided to skip running until after I got the all clear from the Ortho doctor.  So I missed W2D3 and W3D1.

So I met with Dr. Miller today one of the knee specialists at Campbell's Clinic.  They took xrays and poked me in my knees and asked me when and where things hurt.  I have going to the doctor.  I'm just really bad about articulating problems to them and I immediately switch over into my standard suck it up mode and down play things that probably shouldn't be down played.  So he pretty much implied that I don't have a body built for long distance running and sent me out with a prescription for an anti-inflammatory medicine, told me to get some glucosomine, and wants me to go to physical therapy for the next 4 weeks.

The good news is that it's not arthritis and he didn't say not to run.  So tomorrow I'll do W3D2.  If I have a hard time with that I'll back down to W2 and do that again this week.

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