Monday, May 14, 2012

C25K: Week 4 Day 1

Last week was, I think, one of the easier weeks of C25K because your longest run is 3 minutes and it was followed by an equivalent recovery period.  Week 4 it all changes and could quickly become an uphill battle.  This week you run for 3 minutes then walk for 90 seconds, then run for 5 minutes and recover for 2.5 minutes, then repeat.  So we are at the tipping point where the runs are becoming longer than the recovery walks.

I hit the course at the Y and set out to keep up with my goal of being sub 10 for these short runs.  Then after the first 3 minute interval right when the first 5 minute run was starting I glanced down and my poor Garmin was dead!  Oops, I guess I should remember to put that thing on the charger from time to time.  So I can't tell you how I did on my pace nor can I give you a definite distance.  But I can say that I felt strong through the run and I made it between 2.25 and 2.5 miles from warm up (5 min walk) to the end of the 2nd 5 minute interval.  So that's pretty good for me!


  1. So, what is this garmin of which you speak?

    1. I awarded myself with a Garmin 305 ( after I finished the St. Jude 5K back in 2009. I bought that one because that's what a friend had and I didn't know what to look for. Honestly, it's too much for what I actually use it for. I mean it does EVERYTHING and I only know how to turn it on and press start. But I plan on actually reading the manual and learning how to use the other features when I get into the half training. It even came with a heart rate monitor. But mainly right now I use it to know my speed and distance.

      If I had done a little more research I probably would have bought the Garmin 210 ( because that one at least looks like a watch and not some dorky laptop on my wrist.